Build Your Own Campaign

ALA relies on people like you to fund a majority of its budget each year.

Perhaps you know a group that you would like to have learn about ALA. Perhaps your church or social group is looking for an excellent cause to support in Africa. Perhaps you want to dedicate your birthday to a worthy cause. Whatever your goal, we hope you will consider asking others to support African Leadership Academy.
You can use these pages to create your own fundraising campaign for ALA: set your goal, invite your friends; "Recommend" your page on Facebook. It’s that easy – and every action you take makes a difference.

What can your campaign support?

  • $500 supports a new collection of books in the library, exposing our young leaders to the world beyond our campus.
  • $1000 supports visa fees and travel for a scholarship student, enabling them to begin their leadership journey on our campus.
  • $5000 sponsors a social-sector internship for an ALA graduate, enabling them to play a positive role in an African community.
  • $10,000 sponsors an African studies class at the Academy, in which a small group of our young leaders explores Africa’s past, present, and future.
  • $25,000 supports a needy student for a full year at African Leadership Academy, including tuition, room, board, health care, and our world-class curriculum in entrepreneurial leadership.

Below are the existing campaigns, which you are free to contribute to, or you can Build Your Own Campaign and invite your friends to participate.